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8 Queens Rd
Brighton, BN1 3WA
United Kingdom


Euro-MernetFilm Club - Kamikaze


We host live music, comedy and DJs ..... If you would like to perform at The Blue Man, please contact us via email, by phone 01273 726003 or via Facebook or Twitter.

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Euro-MernetFilm Club - Kamikaze

This is a comedy and social drama, telling the story of a young man who is instructed to blow up a passenger plane en route from Moscow to Madrid. A seemingly simple plan gets complicated under heavy snow and the situation turns into a funny chaos.

The film has a satirical window to observe brainwashing and incitement into violence. The film also aims to magnify the greater picture about power of human interaction and nonviolent communication as an alternative to hate speech and violence.

We would like to assure our guests that in this film there are no scenes of graphic violence. Throughout the film there is also no prejudice or disrespect against any culture, community, country, faith or schools of thought.

Here are a few comments/reviews on this film:

"A big, bold movie with mix of black comedy, romance, melodrama and morality… The early sequences have the persuasive high gloss of the political thriller" Jonathan Holland - The Hollywood Reporter

"Embraces every different type of person (something that America is struggling to do itself) and, rather than humanize a terrorist, highlights the kindness and empathy inherent in humankind." Matthew Ramsey - Letterboxd

Euro-Mernet Film Club aims to raise awareness on social issues and promote the cultural heritage of diverse communities by screening films from around the world, with particular focus on Mediterranean, Middle East, and the entire Europe.

The films we screen are usually social comedies, satirical pieces, documentaries and similar independent productions. Sometimes our film screenings are followed by a talk by a director/producer/actor/actress themselves and/or a discussion between the guests on the film.

All our film screenings are FREE. You are always welcome to join Euro-Mernet Film Club and enjoy watching films together with us.

More information about past and future Euro-Mernet Film Club screenings and other public events, please visit the our Facebook page: and Euro-Mernet website If you wish to be added into our mailing list, you can contact us by email:

#Love #Peace and #Solidarity